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New Interactive API Playground (I/O Docs)

Hi all,

Just a quick note that we've added a new section above called "Interactive Docs" which will make learning the API and building requests that much easier. It's powered by Mashery's I/O docs functionality, so if you sign in and have a valid (activated) key, it will be automatically entered in that page for each request you try. So go ahead, give it a whirl:

403 Developer Inactive: A quick reminder, the API is only available to direct library customers of BiblioCommons who sign up on this site using their official (library) email address. We cannot activate, or agency/independent accounts, so if you get 403 Developer Inactive on the new "Interactive Docs" -- it's because your key has to be manually approved first. Thanks for your understanding!

Stay tuned here for further API change notices and new feature announcements. For non-developers, there's also our main blog at


Welcome to the BiblioCommons API!

We're happy to announce the launch of the new BiblioCommons API and developer portal at  You can check out the docs, create an application key, and start developing right away.

For now we're just sharing with library staff at a few libraries, but we plan to open it up to all of our libraries and the public very soon.  At this point we're looking for any and all feedback about the API design or documentation, bug reports, feature requests or anything else that you think might improve the developer experience for both library staff and for the developer community at large.  Feel free to post any questions to the Forums and we'll try to respond right away.


The BiblioCommons Team

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