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New Interactive API Playground (I/O Docs)

Hi all,

Just a quick note that we've added a new section above called "Interactive Docs" which will make learning the API and building requests that much easier. It's powered by Mashery's I/O docs functionality, so if you sign in and have a valid (activated) key, it will be automatically entered in that page for each request you try. So go ahead, give it a whirl:

403 Developer Inactive: A quick reminder, the API is only available to direct library customers of BiblioCommons who sign up on this site using their official (library) email address. We cannot activate, or agency/independent accounts, so if you get 403 Developer Inactive on the new "Interactive Docs" -- it's because your key has to be manually approved first. Thanks for your understanding!

Stay tuned here for further API change notices and new feature announcements. For non-developers, there's also our main blog at