Common Request Parameters

The following parameters are applicable for all requests.

Parameter Type Description Default
date_format String Sets the format of date and time values.   Supported formats are iso8601 and rfc2822.  All date and time values are returned in the UTC time zone. iso8601
locale String Instructs the API to localize strings using the given locale.  All strings coming from the BiblioCommons system are localizable to all supported locales.  Some library-specific data, for example names of locations or collections, may be localizable depending on the library and the locale.  Strings coming from bibliographic metadata or user-contributed content are not localized.  Locale codes are defined as IETF language tags.  Supported codes are en-CA, en-US, es-ES, fr-CA, ru-RU and zh-CN.


The following parameters are applicable for all requests that return a list of results:

Parameter Type Description Default
limit String Sets the limit on the number of results to be returned.  If the limit exceeds the maximum limit for a particular request, the maximum limit will be used. 10
page Integer Sets the current page within the result set to be returned.  The index of the first page is 1.  If the page exceeds the total number of pages, the last page will be returned. 1
metadata Integer Passing metadata=1 instructs the API to return metadata about the list of results, including sorting and narrowing options.  See Common Response Fields for more information. 0