Returns a list of user lists, for a given set of criteria, with basic information about each user list.  Currently the only supported criteria is most recently created.

Resource URL

Request Parameters


Response Fields

Response Field Type Description Returned Link To *
id String The unique list ID. Always
name String The name of the list. Always details_url
item_count Integer The total number of items on the list. Always
created String The date and time that the list was created. Always
updated String The date and time that the list was last updated. Always
list_type Object The list type. Sometimes
id String The ID of the list type.
name String The user-friendly name of the list type.
user Object The user who created this list.  See users Response Fields. Always
details_url String The URL for the list details page. Always

Example Request



  "count": 2,
  "limit": 10,
  "pages": 1,
  "page": 1,    
  "lists": [
      "id": "2353222",
      "name": "Great Dog Training Resources",
      "item_count": 3,
      "created": "2010-12-09T19:46:20Z",
      "updated": "2010-12-09T19:46:20Z" 
      "id": "2326234",
      "name": "Fun in the Snow",
      "item_count": 12,
      "created": "2010-09-15T15:23:15Z",
      "updated": "2010-09-16T11:12:03Z"