Returns information about a given list, specified by list ID.

Resource URL{id}

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Description Default Required?
id String The list ID. N/A Yes

Response Fields

Response Field Type Description Returned Link To *
String The unique list ID. Always
String The name of the list. Always details_url
Integer The total number of items on the list. Always
String The date and time that the list was created. Always
String The date and time that the list was last updated. Always
list_type Object The list type. Sometimes
id String The ID of the list type.
name String The user-friendly name of the list type.
user Object The user who created this list.  See users Response Fields. Always
library Object the user home library info Sometimes
id Number the id of the library
code String the library code
staff_list Boolean flag if the list was created by staff member Always
list_cover String The url of the list cover image, if any
anchor_bib Object If the list type id is READ_A_LIKE, this is the anchor bib title, See title/{id} Response Fields. Sometimes
details_url String The URL for the list details page. Always






The list items contained in the list.



list_item_type String The type of list item, either title or url. Always
annotation String The user annotation associated with this list item. Sometimes
title Object If list_item_type is title, the title contained by this list item.  See titles Response Fields. Sometimes
url Object If list_item_type is url, the url contained by this list item. Sometimes
title String The title of the page referred to by this url.
url String The URL to the page.

Example Request



  "list": {
    "id": "2353222",
    "name": "Classic Children's Books",
    "item_count": 2,
    "created": "2010-12-09T19:46:20Z",
    "updated": "2010-12-09T19:46:20Z",
    "list_type": {
       "id": "READ_A_LIKE",
       "name": "If You Liked ..."
    "anchor_bib":{ /* see title repsonse */},
    "list_cover": "",
    "list_items": [
        "list_item_type": "title", 
        "title": {
          "id": "705528135",
          "title": "Alice in Wonderland",
          "format": {
            "id": "BK",
            "name": "Book"
          "details_url": "",
          "authors": [
              "name": "Carroll, Lewis"
          "isbns": [
        "list_item_type": "url",
        "annotation": "Check out this cool online version of Oliver Twist.",
        "url": {
          "title": "Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.",
          "url": ""