Returns basic information about a given user, specified by user ID.

Resource URL{id}

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Description Default Required?
id String The user ID. N/A Yes

Response Fields

Response Field Type Description Returned Link To *
id String The user ID. Always
name String The user's username. Always profile_url
fullName String The user's full name. Always  
displayUserName Boolean

The user's preference for using their username, or full name. A true value indicates the user prefers the use of the username for display purposes, a false value indicates the user prefers their full name for display purposes.

profile_url String The URL for the user's profile page. Always

Example Request



  "user": {
    "id": "2412321",
    "name": "belindabiblio",
    "fullName": "Belinda Biblio",
    "displayUserName": true,
    "profile_url": ""