Returns basic information about a given session, specified by an opaque, random session ID, which is unique only until the session expires.

Resource URL{id}

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Description Default Required?
id String The session ID. N/A Yes

Response Fields

Response Field Type Description Returned
id String The user ID. Always
name String The user's screen name. Always
borrowers Hash/Object For each account associated with the user, returns the borrower (ILS) id by sub-domain Always, might be empty
  key String The BC sub-domain associated with that account (sometimes varies from library_id) Always
  value String The borrower ID for the account associated with this session. Always

Example Request



  "user": {
    "id": "2412321",
    "name": "exampleuser",
    "borrowers": {"examplepl": "123456"}

404 Not Found Response:

  "error": {
    "message": "No session '999999' found.",
    "request": "/sessions/999999?api_key={key}"