BiblioCommons Developers

About BiblioCommons

BiblioCommons is an innovative social discovery layer for public libraries, that combines powerful search and account management capabilities with a revolutionary social sharing and discovery platform.

About the BiblioCommons API

The BiblioCommons API enables library partners to integrate data from the BiblioCommons system into their website and other applications.  For example the API can be used to feature a collection, or a list created by library staff.

Getting Started 

Follow the steps below to get started with the BiblioCommons API:

  1. Register for an API account
    using your official library email account — gmail/hotmail/agency-associated accounts will not be approved for API keys as the API and BiblioCommons' support of it is strictly for library partners  – if at a library hackathon, please mention the hackathon name in your registration/application details.
  2. You will be given an API key by a member of the Bibliocommons team. Please contact if you have not received your key. An API key is required to use the API.
  3. Browse the API Documentation. Try our new Interactive Documentation. (it automatically builds valid requests with your API key if you're signed in!)